Company Overview

Lfiber designs, manufactures and supplies a broad range of types of optical components, fiber optic modules, micro-optic devices and more. We specialize in the fields of light (photon) transmission, switching, amplification, detection & sensing.
To meet the increasing critical technical demands of existing optical transmission network (OTN) framework, high-speed passive optical networks (PON), fiber lasers and fiber optic sensing applications, Lfiber has invested a great deal of time and efforts in R&D. We are and always will be promoting higher speed interconnections and more reliable optical networks.

Expertise & Skills


Broad Range of Wavelengths Available

Visual light and ITU frequency bands in WDM Systems; Lfiber Optic Ltd.

Lfiber provides optical components, fiber optic modules, micro-optic devices and more, with wavelengths from 380 nm to 2000 nm.


Customize Non-standard Products

Lfiber can customize non-standard products according to your individual requirements. We are happy and willing to help to modify the products to make it more suitable for you.
To get more information, please contact our sales representative.


Micro-optic Technology

Micro-optic technology is based on the use, precise positioning and alignment of miniaturized traditional optical components such as Graded Refractive Index (GRIN) lenses, mirrors, gratings, beam splitters, etc. Lfiber’s micro-optic fiber components/devices are based on a rather simple concept, but they require a precise mechanical alignment and a careful assembly to ensure long-term stability of performances.


Fusion Technology & Heat Treatment of Fiber

Fusion technology has proved to be simple, versatile and effective, allowing the industrial implementation of several kinds of branching devices for a variety of applications. Lfiber has world-class technical solution in the heat treatment of fiber.  With the fused biconic taper (FBT) method, bare or etched fibres are brought into contact, stretched, possibly twisted, and fused so that evanescent mode coupling occurs along the interaction length. Different kinds of fused fiber optic products are now available.

Worldwide Customer Base

Being aware of the importance of establishing long-term relationships with the customers, Lfiber aims at helping the customers through high-quality products, services, and expert advice.
We have built up a loyal customer base worldwide, and has become a one-stop solution for them.
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