D80 fiber cables for high-power laser delivery are available in different fiber-core diameters from 200 microns to 800 microns (200μm, 300μm, 400μm, 600μm, 800μm). Heat dissipation plays a crucial role in the coupling of high-power. In principle, Lfiber’s D80 fiber cables use step-index double-clad fibers and ferrules of good heat-conducting copper alloys for laser transmission. For better protection, it introduces a sapphire and air gap into the D80 fiber connectors so that the D80 fiber cables can sustain laser power up to hundreds of watts in a single fiber with more than 90% transmission efficiency depending on the fiber core diameters and laser specifications. It’s an excellent choice for fiber-coupled laser systems in wavelength ranges from visible to near infrared (VIS-NIR, typically 400-2400 nm), such as high-power semiconductor lasers, solid-state lasers, and fiber lasers. Areas of application include high power laser transmission, laser welding, laser cutting, and so on. Related Products

D80 Fiber Cables for High-Power Laser Transmission

Lfiber’s D80 fiber cable assemblies for high-power laser transmission are built with step index multimode fiber. The fused silica fiber core is extremely high purity and, as a result, can handle enormous amounts of optical energy. The utilization of epoxy free cantilevered nose design is able to dissipate thermal energy safely without damage materials surrounded. 

Compatibility of Lfiber’s D80 Fiber Cables for High-Power Laser

Our D80 fiber cable assemblies for high-power laser are fully compatible with the Ø 4×10 mm industry standard. The outer diameter of the ferrule of d80 laser cable is 4.0 mm, compatible with the D80 laser cables from other brands like Mitsubishi, Miyachi, Han’s Laser, and so on. 


D80 Fiber Cables for High-Power Laser Delivery


D80 Fiber Cables for High-Power Laser
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  • Sapphire and Air Gap Protection
  • Precisely Polished D80 Fiber Connectors
  • Step-index Fiber Optimized for VIS-NIR
  • 0.22NA as Standard; Others on Request


  • High-power and Flexible Laser Transmission
  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Cutting
  • Other Fiber-coupled Laser Systems


Specifications of D80 Fiber Cables for High-Power Laser
Fiber Core Diameter (μm)200, 300, 400, 600, 800
Fiber Core MaterialHigh purity fused silica (Low-OH)
Fiber TypeStep-index fiber as standard; Graded-index fiber on request
Numerical Aperture (NA)0.22 as standard, others on request
Operating Wavelength (nm)400-2400
Protection Tube Diameter (mm)8
Cable Lengths (m)3, 5, 10, 20, etc. (customizable)



This D80 fiber cables for high-power laser transmission is customizable and above specifications are subject to change without notice.

For product customization or special requirement, please contact our sales representative.


D80 Fiber Cables for High-Power Laser