Compact CWDM Modules (CCWDM)

To customize your own mini CWDM modules for specific optical network application, please contact us.


The compact structure of Lfiber’s CCWDM modules enable applications in one of the industry’s smallest packages.


Lfiber’s excellent quality control promise highly reliable and stable function of the compact CWDM modules.


Lfiber develops new technology and mini CWDM (MCWDM) to meet your demand of commercial or industrial applications.


 We support customizing CCWDM (insertion loss, operating temperature, package size, etc.) for your specific applications.


Research and development are important for mini CWDM advantages and Lfiber are trying to get these advantages better and better.


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Compact CWDM Modules (CCWDM) with Mini-sized Package

Free-space compact CWDM modules, or CCWDM, are mini CWDM devices with small-sized package, extremely low insertion loss, and high optical performance. These mini CWDM dramatically relax the optical power budgets for your applications, allow datacom or telecom network applications to use low-cost uncooled lasers, and function in one of the industry’s smallest packages.

Lfiber’s compact CWDM modules are available from 4 to 16 channels, and can include an expansion port for other application. The same module serves as both MUX and DEMUX. They can be used in transport networks for a variety of clients, services, and protocols.

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