1×8 (+1) Compact CWDM Module

>1×8 (+1) Compact CWDM Module
1×8 (+1) Compact CWDM Module 2017-07-22T07:39:14+00:00
The compact CWDM modules (CCWDM, compact course wavelength division multiplexers) from Lfiber are the perfect means for adding capacity to your fiber optic network without installing additional fiber. It provides increased bandwidth and increased revenue from legacy fiber plant in one of the industry’s smallest packages.

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Compact CWDM Modules (Compact Course Wavelength Division Multiplexers, or CCWDM)

Lfiber’s compact CWDM modules feature free-space structure, high optical performance, small-sized package, and extremely low insertion loss. With these features, they dramatically relax the optical power budgets for your applications, allow datacom or telecom network applications to use low-cost uncooled lasers, and function in small-sized packages. Available from 4 to 18 channel configurations, the compact CWDM module can meet the expansion needs of any network. The module also simplifies inventory management since the same component serves as both a Mux and a Demux and can be used in the head end for outside plant. Compact and easy to install, the versatile compact CWDM provides a simple and low-cost method for expanding bandwidth and increasing revenue from existing optical fiber.


1×8 (+1) Compact CWDM Module


Compact CWDM Modules 1x8 (+1) CCWDM
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  • Compact Size (Custom)
  • Unidirectional & Bidirectional WDM
  • ITU Frequency Grid
  • Ultra Stable & Highly Reliable


  • Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing
  • Telecom Networks
  • Metro Networks


ParameterUnitUltra Low LossP GradeA Grade
Channel NumberCH8 (+1)8 (+1)8 (+1)
Insertion LossdB≤1.0≤1.5≤2.0
Fiber Type/SMF-28e Compatible, 900 μm Loose Tube
Central Wavelengthnm1271 to 1611; (OR) 1270 to 1610
Passband Bandwidthnm≥13≥13≥13
Adjacent Channel IsolationdB≥30≥30≥30
Non-adjacent Channel IsolationdB≥40≥40≥40
Com-upgrade Port IsolationdB151515
Return LossdB≥45≥45≥45
Max. Optical PowermW300300300
Operating Temperature°C-5 to +70; (OR) -40 to +85
Storage Temperature°C-40 ~+85
Package (exclude boots)mm44 x 28 x 6; (OR) Custom
1. Above data are test results without connectors. The insertion loss of one pair of connector is less than 0.3 dB.
2. Specifications are customizable and subject to change without notice.
3. For product customization or special requirement, please contact our sales representative.


Ordering Information
CCWDM8(+1)GradeOperating TemperatureWavelengthFiber LengthConnector
U1= -5 to +70°C1271 / 12700.50 ± 0.05mNone
P2= -40 to +85°C1291 / 12901.00 ± 0.10mLC/UPC
ACustom …LC/APC
1611 / 1610SC/UPC
Custom …