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Lfiber’s opto-mechanical optical switch (fiber switch) controls the direction of the light signal or changes states between transmitting and cutting off the light signal. The channel/port count is optional from 4 to 256, typically available for 4/8/16/24/32/64/128. It features modularized design, low Insertion loss, high reliability and stability.
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An optical fiber switch represents the single most dynamic element in an optical network which traditionally can switch data between different ports of a network. For this reason, fiber switch is the key component to provide bandwidth management, ring interconnect, protection, or mesh restoration in the optical layer.

Mechanical Optical Switch (Fiber Switch)

An opto-mechanical optical switch redirects an optical signal by moving fiber or bulk optic elements by means of mechanical devices. It performs various operations allowing signals to switch from one state to another. This type of fiber switch is typically stepper motor driven. Lfiber’s opto-mechanical optical switch is cost-effective, its reliability, moderate insertion loss, and minimal crosstalk make them a widely deployed type of switch.

Functions and Principles of Opto-mechanical Optical Switch

Opto-mechanical optical switch functions by selectively switching a light signal delivered through an optical fiber or an integrated optical circuit to another. This type of optical fiber switch generally uses mechanical positioning systems, where movement of optical fibers or other components relative to each other permits switching of light from input fibers to output fibers of the system. In essence, the switch is the control for making, breaking, or changing the connections within an optical circuit. As with any other type of switch, this fiber switch has many uses. In summary, this fiber switch can be used in a variety of applications, large and small. The use of an optical fiber switch allows data to be routed where and when it is needed.


1xN Mechanical Optical Switch

Mechanical Optical Switch: 4/8/16/24/32/64/128 Channel/Port Optical Fiber Switch
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  • Up to 256 Ports/Channels (4, 16, 32, 64, 128 …)
  • Ultra-high Reliability
  • Modularized design
  • Functions of Breakdown Self-checking and Alarm Warning (TTL)


  • Fiber Optic Signal Switching and Routing
  • Optical Network Monitoring
  • Testing of Fiber Optic Component
  • Military Communications
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Optical Switches Fiber Optic Switch
Fiber Optic Switches Optical Switch

Multi-port Mechanical Optical Switch Specifications
Channel Number (N)1 < N ≤ 6464 < N ≤ 128
Insertion Loss (dB)Typ: 0.5; Max:1.0Typ: 1.2; Max:1.5
Operating Wavelength (nm)1260~1650 (SM)532~1064/1310 (MM)Custom
Testing Wavelength (nm)1310/1490/1550/1625532/650/780/850/980/1310Custom
Return Loss (dB)SM (9/125) ≥ 50; MM (50/125, 62.5/125, etc.) ≥ 30
Crosstalk (dB)SM (9/125) ≥ 70; MM (50/125, 62.5/125, etc.) ≥ 70
Polarization Dependent Loss (dB)≤0.05
Wavelength Dependent Loss (dB)≤0.25
Temperature Dependent Loss (dB)≤0.25
Repeatability (dB)≤0.02
Lifetime (cycles)10 million
Switching Time (ms)≤10 (adjacent channel)
Optical Input Power (mW)≤500
Power Supply5V
Control ModeRS232 or TTL controlled
ConnectorFC, LC, SC, ST, etc.
Operating Temperature (℃)-20 ~ +70
Storage Temperature (℃)-40 ~ +85
Dimension / Channel Number (mm/N)135x40x32 (N≤4)135x64x32 (N≤16)184x78x66 (N≤64)184x156x 66 (N≤128)

1. Default control mode is TTL controlled, while RS232 control is also available on request.
2. We can offer a plug and play solution for programming (RS232 control) the switch directly over USB.
3. Above data are test results with connectors assembled.
4. Lfiber’s mechanical optical switch is customizable and above specifications are subject to change without notice.
5. For product customization or special requirement, please contact our sales representative.

Mechanical Optical Switch

Dimension of 1xN Mechanical Optical Switch

Port Amount (N) ≤ 16

Dimension of Mechanical Optical Switch


Port Amount (N) ≤ 64

Mechanical Optical Switch 1x32 Dimension


Optical Route of 1xN Mechanical Optical Switch

Optical Route of Mechanical Optical Switch


Pin Configurations of 1xN Mechanical Optical Switch

Channel Amount (N) ≤ 16: DB-9 Male Connector

Pin No.I / OSignalDescription
1InputD0D0-D3 represent channel selection Bit0-Bit3; D0 is low; D3 is high.
5InputRESETTTL, Low level reset to channel 0. High level means channel selection bits are effective.
6OutREADYTTL, Ready (High = not ready, Low = ready)
7OutERRORTTL, Error OR Failure , (High = error, Low = no error)
9PowerVCC5.0±5% VDC Power Supply(max 500mA)


Channel Amount (N) ≤ 32: DB-15 Male Connector

Pin No.I / OSignal Description
2InputD0D0-D4 is channel selection Bit0~Bit4; D0 is low; D4 is high
11InputRESETTTL, Low level reset to channel 0. High level means channel selection bits are effective.
7OutREADYTTL, Ready (High = not ready, Low = ready)
8OutERRORTTL, Error OR Failure , (High = error, Low = no error)
1, 9PowerGNDGround
12PowerVCC15.0V±5% VDC motor power (max 950mA)
15PowerVCC25.0V±5% VDC Drive circuit power (50mA)
10, 13, 14NCNC


Control Chart of 1xN (N≤16) Mechanical Optical Switch

Control Chart of Mechanical Optical Switch


Timing Diagram of 1xN Mechanical Optical Switch

Timing Diagram of Mechanical Optical Switch


Channel Selection Table of 1xN Mechanical Optical Switch

Port Amount ≤ 16

... 1

Port Amount ≤ 32

... 1


Ordering Information
Multi-port Mechanical Optical SwitchPort/Channel NumberTest WavelengthFiber TypePigtailFiber LengthConnector
1~256532 nm9/125 (SM)250 μm0.50 mNone
650 nm50/125 (MM)900 μm1.00 mLC/PC
780 nm62.5/125 (MM)2.0 mm1.50 mLC/APC
850 nm200/220 (MM)Custom …Custom …SC/PC
1310 nm400/440 (MM)SC/APC
1550 nm600/630 (MM)FC/PC
1310/1550 nm1000um-core (MM)FC/APC
Custom …Custom ...Custom …

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