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The high power dual-stage optical isolator (1064nm, 1030nm, 980nm) is a polarization-independent fiber component that allows all polarized light (not just the light polarized in a specific direction) to propagate in one direction but blocks it in the opposite direction. In many applications, we are unable to control the polarization of input light. In cases like this a polarization independent optical fiber isolator (1064/1030/980nm) is needed. It is a key component to protect lasers, amplifiers and ASE sources from spurious back-reflected light that produces instabilities. Related Products

Basics of Polarization-Independent Dual-Stage Optical Isolator

One serious drawback of dual-stage optical isolator using polarizers and a Faraday rotator is their polarization dependence. This issue will increase the insertion loss. Therefore, implementations of optical isolators without polarization dependence are very interesting for transmission systems. It is practicable to get a polarization-independent design by replacing the polarizers by polarizing splitters combiners: they divide the input light into two orthogonal states of polarization that go separately through the Faraday cell to experience isolation and that are recombined at the output.
Many practical applications in fiber optic systems require high-power polarization-independent dual-stage optical isolators (1064nm/1030nm/980nm), which allows inputs with any polarization direction to pass through without PDLs, and isolates the back reflections (return lights) at the same time.
It is no doubt that the high-power dual-stage optical isolator is an important component in optical systems. In summary, Lfiber’s high-power dual-stage optical fiber isolators are used to ensure stabilization of laser transmitters and amplifiers as well as to maintain good transmission performance.


High-Power Dual-Stage Optical Isolator (1064nm, 1030nm, 980nm)


Dual-Stage Optical Isolator (1064nm, 1030nm, 980nm)
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  • Polarization Independent
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation and Return Loss
  • High Reliability and Stability


  • Fiber Amplifier
  • Fiber Laser
  • Testing Instruments
  • Mopa Fiber Laser


Specifications of Dual-Stage Optical Isolator (Polarization-Independent)
Center Wavelength (nm)1064 or 1030 or 980
Operating Wavelength Range (nm)±5
Typ. Peak Isolation at 23 ℃ (dB)65
Min. Isolation at 23 ℃ (dB)55
Typ. Insertion Loss at 23 ℃ (dB)0.8
Max. Insertion Loss at 23 ℃ (dB)1.2
Max. Polarization Dependent Loss at 23 ℃ (dB)0.2
Min. Return Loss (Input /Output) (dB)45
Max. Average Optical Power (W)20
Max. Peak Power for ns Pulse (kW)10
Max. Tensile Load (N)5
Package Dimension (nm)150x28x26
Operating Temperature ( ℃ )+10 to +50
Storage Temperature ( ℃ )0 to +60


  • The high power dual-stage optical isolator (1064nm, 1030nm, 980nm; polarization-independent) is customizable, and the above specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • For CW high-power optical interconnection, we recommend fusion splice without connectors.
  • For device with connectors, IL is 0.3dB higher, RL is 5.0dB lower.
  • Bare fiber should not support the weight of the connector. So that if any connectors needed, for the pigtail type it’s better to choose the 900μm loose tube jacket instead of the 250μm bare fiber.
  • For product customization or special requirements, please contact Lfiber’s sales department for availability.


Package Dimensions


Dual-Stage Fiber Optic Isolator 1064nm 1030nm 980nm




Ordering Information for Dual-Stage Optical Isolator (Polarization-Independent)
Center WavelengthStage TypeFiber TypePackage DimensionsPigtail TypeFiber LengthConnectorAverage PowerPeak Power
1064nmDual-stageHI1060150x28x26 mm250μm bare fiber0.5 meterNone500mW10kW
1030nmSMF-28eSpecified900μm loose tube0.8 meterFC/UPC1W20kW
980nmSpecified1.0 meterFC/APC2W