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The 1064nm PM isolator (polarization maintaining fiber optic isolator, up to 2W) is a non-reciprocal fiber optic device which permits the flow of optical power in only one direction preventing reflections in the backward direction. By using PM panda fibers, the 1064nm PM optical isolator maintains a well-defined state of polarization (SOP) of the light. Both PM and non-PM versions of these 1064nm optical Isolators are available. Related Products

Applications of the 1064nm polarization maintaining (PM) isolator include protection of a transmitting laser diode from back reflections. Such reflections increase the noise in the system by disrupting the diode’s operation. The 1064nm PM isolator also improves the stability of fiber amplifiers by minimizing the possibility of feedback, which causes unwanted oscillations in such devices.

Basics of 1064nm PM Isolator (Polarization Maintaining Fiber Optic Isolators)

The 1064nm PM isolator is based on the nonreciprocal Faraday effect: a longitudinal magnetic field creates a circular birefringence that rotates the orientation of the in coming polarization.
Generally, the 1064nm PM isolator is placed at the output of the optical source in order to avoid reflections of light from returning back to the source avoiding in this way instabilities. Furthermore, 1064nm PM isolators are used by the Doped Fiber Amplifiers with the aim of avoiding an oscillating behavior.

Fiber-Coupled 1064nm PM Isolator (Polarization Maintaining Optical Fiber Isolators)

A fiber-coupled 1064nm PM isolator is a device that acts like an optical diode: it transmits well in one direction while blocking light in the other direction. Such isolators are also available in fiber-coupled form, i.e., with input and output coupled to single-mode fibers.


1064nm PM Isolator (up to 2W)


1064nm PM Isolator
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  • Polarization Maintaining
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation and Return Loss
  • High Reliability and Stability


  • PM Fiber Amplifier
  • Fiber Laser
  • Testing Instruments
  • Mopa Fiber Laser


Specifications of 1064nm PM Isolator (Polarization Maintaining Isolator)
Center Wavelength (nm)1064
Operating Wavelength Range (nm)±5
Typ. Peak Isolation at 23 ℃ (dB)35
Min. Isolation at 23 ℃ (dB)28
Max. Insertion Loss at 23 ℃ (dB)1.7
Max. Insertion Loss at 23 ℃ and Input Power 300 mW (dB)2
Max. Insertion Loss at 23 ℃ and Input Power 1 W (dB)2.5
Max. Insertion Loss at 23 ℃ and Input Power 2 W (dB)3
Min. Extinction Ratio at 23 ℃ (dB)22
Min. Return Loss (Input /Output) (dB)45
Max. Average Optical Power (W)2
Max. Peak Power for ns Pulse (kW)10
Max. Tensile Load (N)5
Operating Temperature (°C)+10 to +50
Storage Temperature (°C)0 to +60


  • The polarization maintaining isolator (1064nm PM isolator) is customizable, and the above specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • For device with connectors, IL is 0.3dB higher, RL is 5.0dB lower, ER is 2.0dB lower.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the 1064nm PM isolator can be operating on both slow-axis and fast-axis linear polarizations; Transmitting the
  • polarization state on slow axis in one direction and blocking the orthogonal state on fast axis in both directions is available on request.
  • Bare fiber should not support the weight of the connector. So that if you need any connectors, it’s better to choose the 900μm loose tube jacket instead of the 250μm bare fiber.
  • For product customization, please contact our sales department for availability.


Package Dimensions


1064 nm PM Isolator (Polarization Maintaining Fiber Optic Isolators)




Ordering Information for 1064nm PM Isolator (Polarization Maintaining Isolator)
WavelengthAxis AlignmentFiber TypePackage DimensionPigtail TypeFiber LengthConnectorAverage PowerPeak Power
1064nmBoth axis workingPM155033x17x11.5mm250μm bare fiber0.5 MeterNone1W10kW
Slow axis working and fast axis blockedPM1310Specified900μm loose tube0.8 MeterFC/UPC2W20kW
PM9801.0 MeterFC/APC