Rackmount Optical Switch (Rack Mounted Fiber Optic Switch)

>Rackmount Optical Switch (Rack Mounted Fiber Optic Switch)
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A fiber optic switch represents the single most dynamic element in an optical network which traditionally can switch data between different ports of a network. Lfiber’s rackmount optical switch is a good choice for deployment in optical switching-based or demultiplexing-based systems, with some of them incorporated in commercial products.
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1U/2U/3U/4U Rackmount Optical Switch (Rack Mounted Fiber Optic Switch)

Lfiber’s 1xN rackmount optical switch comes with functions of breakdown self-checking & alarm warning. Its standard rack mount design and visual LCD display unit make it very convenient for maintenance and use. It features low loss and ultra-high reliability.

This rackmount optical switch is available in standard-sized 1/2/3/4/6U 19″ rack mount cases. Lfiber can provide customized designs to for specific applications. Also, we can offer modular assemblies that integrate other components to form a full function or subsystem according to customers request.

Principle and Function of Fiber Optic Switch

Lfiber’s rackmount fiber optic switch functions by selectively switching a light signal delivered through an optical fiber or an integrated optical circuit to another. In essence, the switch is the control for making, breaking, or changing the connections within an optical circuit. As with any other type of switch, this optical switch has many uses. In summary, this optical switches can be used in a variety of applications, large and small. The use of a fiber optic switch allows data to be routed where and when it is needed.


Rackmount Optical Switch

Rackmount Optical Switch (1U, 2U, 3U, 4U Rack Mounted Fiber Optic Switch)
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  • Low Loss and High Reliability
  • AC/DC Flexible Dual Power Supply
  • Parallel Interface (RS232, RJ45)
  • LCD Display Module for Light Path Status Displays
  • Breakdown Self-checking and Alarm Warning (LCD Display)


  • Optical Signal Switching and Routing
  • Optical Network Monitoring
  • Testing of Fiber Optic Component
  • Military Communications

Specifications of Rackmount Optical Switch
Channel Number (N)1 < N ≤ 6464 < N ≤ 128
Insertion Loss (dB)Typ: 0.5; Max:1.0Typ: 1.0; Max:1.5
Operating Wavelength (nm)1260~1650 (SM)532~1064/1310 (MM)Custom
Testing Wavelength (nm)1310/1490/1550/1625532/650/780/850/980/1310Custom
Return Loss (dB)SM (9/125) ≥ 50; MM (50/125, 62.5/125) ≥ 30
Crosstalk (dB)SM (9/125) ≥ 70; MM (50/125, 62.5/125) ≥ 70
Polarization Dependent Loss (dB)≤0.05
Wavelength Dependent Loss (dB)≤0.25
Temperature Dependent Loss (dB)≤0.25
Repeatability (dB)≤0.02
Lifetime (Cycles)10 million
Switching Time (ms)≤10 (adjacent channel)
Optical Input Power (mW)≤500
Working Voltage (V)AC 85-256V (Typ. 110V, 220V), DC 36-72V (Typ. 48V), or Dual Power Supply
Operating Temperature (℃)0 ~ +70
Storage Temperature (℃)-40 ~ +85
Dimension / Channel Number (mm/N)1U: 483 x 250 x 44.52U: 483 x 250 x 893U: 483 x 250 x 133.54U: 483 x 250 x 178

1. Above data are test results with connectors assembled.
2. This rackmount optical switch is customizable and specifications are subject to change without notice.
3. For product customization or special requirement, please contact our sales representative.

Ordering Information of Rack Mounted Fiber Optic Switch
1xN Rackmount Optical SwitchPort/Channel NumberTest WavelengthFiber TypePigtailRack MountConnector
1~128532 nm9/125 (SM)250 μm1UNone
650 nm50/125 (MM)900 μm2ULC/PC
780 nm62.5/125 (MM)Custom …3ULC/APC
850 nmCustom …4USC/PC
1310 nmCustom …SC/APC
1550 nmFC/PC
1310/1550 nmFC/APC
Custom …Custom …

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