The high power optical isolator (polarization-independent fiber optic isolators, 1064/1053/1030/980 nm) is a fiber-coupled component that allows all polarized light signal (not just the light polarized in a specific direction) to propagate along a fiber in one direction but not in the opposite direction. Functionally, it is quite like an optic-electrical diode. The 1064/1053/1030/980 nm high power optical isolators are necessary in fiber optic systems in many roles the most common of which is the prevention of back-reflected light coming back down a fiber from re-entering and disrupting the operations of a laser. Related Products
Both PM and non-PM versions of these high power optical isolators (1064/1053/1030/980 nm) are available. For more details of the polarization maintaining (PM) high power optical Isolator, click High Power PM Optical Isolator.

High Power Optical Isolator (1064/1053/1030/980 nm Fiber-coupled Optical Isolators)

A 1064/1053/1030/980 nm high power optical isolator is a device that acts like an optical diode: it transmits well in one direction while blocking light in the other direction. Such isolators are available in fiber-coupled form, i.e., with input and output coupled to single-mode fibers.

High Power Optical Isolator (Polarization-Independent Fiber Optic Isolators)

In contrast to most bulk devices, fiber-coupled isolators are often polarization-independent, i.e., they work for any polarization direction of the input. (This is particularly important for telecom applications, which usually require polarization-independent components.) Input light is split into two polarization components, which travel through the isolator on different paths but are combined again at the end.
Many practical applications in fiber optic systems require polarization-independent high power optical isolators (1064/1053/1030/980 nm), which allow inputs with any polarization direction to pass through without PDLs, and isolates the back reflections (return lights) at the same time.
It is no doubt that the 1064/1053/1030/980 nm high power optical isolator (polarization-independent fiber optic isolators) is an important component in optical systems. In summary, These optical isolators are used to ensure stabilization of laser transmitters and amplifiers as well as to maintain good transmission performance.


High Power Optical Isolator (up to 50W)


High Power Optical Isolator Fiber Optic Isolators
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  • Polarization Independent
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation and Return Loss
  • High Reliability and Stability


  • Fiber Amplifier
  • Fiber Laser
  • Testing Instruments
  • Mopa Fiber Laser


Specifications of High Power Optical Isolator (1064/1053/1030/980 nm)
Center Wavelength (nm)1064, 1053, 1030, or 980
Operating Wavelength Range (nm)±5
Typ. Peak Isolation at 23 ℃ (dB)30
Min. Isolation at 23 ℃ (dB)25
Typ. Insertion Loss at 23 ℃ (dB)0.8
Max. Insertion Loss at 23 ℃ (dB)1
Polarization Dependent Loss at 23 ℃≤0.2
Return Loss (dB)≥45
Optical Power (CW) Handling (W)30 or 50
Max. Peak Power for ns Pulse (kW)20
Max. Tensile Load (N)5
Package Dimension (mm)82x38x35
Operating Temperature (°C)+10 to +50
Storage Temperature (°C)0 to +60


  • The high power optical isolator (polarization-independent fiber optic isolators, 1064/1053/1030/980 nm) is customizable, and the above specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • For device with connectors, IL is 0.3dB higher, RL is 5.0dB lower.
  • Bare fiber should not support the weight of the connector. So that if any connectors needed, for the pigtail type it’s better to choose the 900μm loose tube jacket instead of the 250μm bare fiber.
  • For CW high-power optical interconnection, we recommend fusion splice without connectors.
  • For product customization or special requirements, please contact Lfiber’s sales department for availability.


Package Dimensions


High Power Optical Isolator 980 1030 1053 1064 nm Fiber Optic Isolators




Ordering Information for High Power Optical Isolator (1064/1053/1030/980 nm)
Center WavelengthFiber TypePackage DimensionsPigtail TypeFiber LengthConnectorHandling Power
980 nmHI06082×38×35 mm250μm bare fiber0.5 meterNone30W
1030 nmSpecified900μm loose tube0.8 meterFC/UPC50W
1053 nm1.0 meterFC/APC
1064 nm1.5 meterSC/UPC